Key Application Sectors of Sulfolane

BTX Aromatics Extraction Process (LLE, ED)

  • Supplied to end users to specification advised by process licensor (UOP)
    • Liquid-Liquid Extraction(LLE)
    • Extractive Distillation (ED)

Gas Sweetening (SULFINOL® Process)

  • Used to remove “sour” components (H2S, CO2) in order to meet strict pipeline specifications for LNG
    • Corrosion
    • Toxicity
    • Heat value
  • Process licensor Shell other applications pharmaceutical

Sulfolane Applications


  • Sulfolane is a high purity, versatile polar aprotic solvent that is used in the synthesis of raw materials and intermediates or as a full process solvent medium. It is miscible with water and aromatic hydrocarbons and has exceptional chemical and thermal stability.

Polymer Production

  • As a polymerization solvent, Sulfolane can be used in a number of systems, such as water soluble polysaccharide polymers prepared from a glucose solution in Sulfolane with a phosphoric acid catalyst. Also Cellulose acetate and polylactams benefit from the addition of Sulfolane to act as a plasticizer. other applications agrochemicals

Sulfolane Applications


  • Sulfolane by nature is a very high boiling, inert polar solvent which is miscible with water, aromatic hydrocarbons and solvents such as benzene, toluene, xylene, acetone, percholoroethylene and aniline.
  • Coupled with our extremely low impurity profile, this makes Sulfolane a perfect solvent in Agrochemical applications for the synthesis of fungicides, herbicides and pesticides. other applications dyestuffs

Sulfolane Applications


  • Sulfolane is readily miscible with water, which enables aqueous sulfolane combinations with dyes to give enhanced properties such as the ability to intensify the colour fastness of a dye on hydrophobic synthetic fibres such as polyester, acrylic and modacrylic.
  • These aqueous based dyes have also given a better colour build up and higher storage stability when used for printing or dyeing fabrics.
  • Sulfolane helps printing pastes (typically gum thickened aqueous dye pastes) for textile applications giving better depth and colour brightness in fabrics such as silk, wool, nylon, cotton and rayon. other applications inks and solvents

Sulfolane Applications

Printing Inks

  • Jet printing ink formulations containing Sulfolane have good storage stability, do not clog printer nozzles, and give high quality prints with good fixation on substrates.

Reaction Solvent

  • Sulfolane is an excellent solvent for numerous reactions, particularly those where anhydrous and polar solvents are required.


  • Sulfolane is used as a spinning and casting solvent giving an improvement in the properties of synthetic fibres and fabrics.

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