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REACH registered Belgian office
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Global Sulfolane Company
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The Sulfolane Company is a dedicated company focusing on the supply of high purity Sulfolane in the Oil & Gas sector (primarily for BTX extraction and LNG gas sweetening plants) and also the Agrochemical and Pharmaceutical industries, plus other high tech end use applications.

The Sulfolane Company (TSC) was founded in 2008 by industry experts who have over 30 years’ experience with Sulfolane and over 60 years combined experience in the chemical industry!

With the increasing demand for oil and gas based products TSC has emerged as an exclusive supply company for Sulfolane.

Our founders have worked with international manufacturers such as Shell, Laporte, BP, Inspec and Evonik Degussa, bringing together a rich and well grounded knowledge and understanding of this business.

Our company offers unique and specific industry solutions to help your business compete effectively and efficiently in this increasingly difficult market place.

TSC in 2020 opened their European entity – The Sulfolane Company BV. This REACH registered company will provide European/USA Sales support by our dedicated specialist.

We also have dedicated inventory in Europe to facilitate ‘just in time” delivery, support diversified packaging and custom blends and as a platform for shorter transit times for our sales to North and South America.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best high purity Sulfolane?

The Sulfolane Company has been supplying the highest purity Sulfolane for over 12 years with over 60 years of experience in the global chemical business.

Our background started with Shell and their Stanlow Sulfolane unit where our current staff handled Shell’s Global Sulfolane sales.

We believe our experience and technical know-how gives our customers complete security knowing that they have chosen the right partner.

Where can I buy the best Sulfolane in Asia?

Sulfolane Company has successfully supplied high purity Sulfolane throughout the whole of Asia Pacific and also the Middle East for more than 12 years.

The Sulfolane Company head office is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is manned by former ex Shell Fine Chemical staff.

Having the rich depth background knowledge has made The Sulfolane Company a lead player in the High Purity Sulfolane business.

Who is the best Sulfolane supplier in Asia?

Sulfolane Company has a dedicated office in Asia with English speaking staff.  Our company provides the highest grade Sulfolane product in the world with the lowest impurity profile.

For example, UOP state in their test method – Thermal Stability (which is free SO2), max 60ppm.

Our specification is max 10ppm with typical results being less than 2ppm. For a reliable product, local service and best pricing, the Sulfolane Company is the partner of choice.

Who is the best Sulfolane supplier in Europe?

Sulfolane Company REACH accredited European headquarters based in Belgium provides fast and efficient delivery of the highest purity Sulfolane from local stock.

The Sulfolane Company can provide Sulfolane in 250kg drums, 1,000kg IBC’s and also bulk isotanks.

In addition, both grades of Sulfolane are available – Anhydrous and Aqueous 3% ready for prompt dispatch.  Also blends of Sulfolane are available according to client’s specific requirement.

Who is the best high purity Sulfolane supplier in the world?

Sulfolane Company is the only company completely dedicated to the supply of Sulfolane in the world with its global network and supply chain.

Having offices in both Europe and Asia with USA to be opened in 2021 means that our door is permanently open world-wide to answer your requests.

We believe our high purity Sulfolane is the best in the world and our service is second to none.

Our well-grounded staff have decades of knowledge in this field which provides the reassurance that you are dealing with the right business partner globally.

Who is the best high purity Sulfolane supplier?

With over 60 years combined global chemical business, The Sulfolane Company (TSC) provide customers with assured quality and success.

Former Shell experts with over 30 years direct experience in the Sulfolane business sector provide clients with unrivalled expertise.

Our production facility located in North East China uses the latest technology, producing the best Sulfolane in the world.

Coming soon in 2021 is a large new standalone unit capable of 20,000 MT per annum. This will be the newest plant in the world offering the best high purity Sulfolane available globally.


Europe Office

The Sulfolane Company BV,
Mechelsesteenweg 26,
1970 Wezembeek-Oppem,

+32 475 667 170


North American Office

The Sulfolane Company Inc.
3 Wyvis Court
Stoney Creek, ON
L8G 4W3

+1 (289) 887 3079


Head Office

The Sulfolane Company Ltd,
Level 42, Six Battery Road,
Singapore 049909,